Sunny – the brand of switching power supplies

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To have comprehensive product range, we rely only on brands whose products meet international standards and are compliant with CE conformity mark. The manufacturers who sign the switching power supplies available from us are proven companies trusted by both institutions and private users from all over the world. One of the companies we recommend is Sunny, which has been distributing its products in many countries since 1980. We encourage you to take a look at the available range.

Sunny - switching-mode power supplies

A switching-mode power supply, i.e. a power supply based on a energy converter, is generally characterised by high efficiency and a wide input voltage range, while remaining compact size. For this reason, such products are widely used in a variety of electronic devices. Sunny's switching power supplies are ideal for medical, office and telecommunications equipment.

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Taking into account the changing needs of customers, the brand produces its products with three basic categories. Plug-in power supplies are designed for everyday devices and appliances that draw small amounts of power. For slightly more demanding devices that need more power, Sunny has desktop power supplies in first and second insulation classes. Multiplug power supplies are also available, allowing the mains plug to be changed, increasing the range of product applications.

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Sunny - the highest quality

When you opt for a switching power supply from Sunny Computer Technology, you get a high-quality product that boasts all the necessary certifications. The brand is one of the most prominent manufacturers of electronic components on the international market. It is valued above all for its contribution to research into technology development, as well as its state-of-the-art production facilities and high-level quality control. All this goes hand in hand with reasonable prices, which meets with the approval of a wide range of customers.




All Sunny products meet or exceed the international standards. As proof of the high attention to quality of the products offered, the company has been awarded certificates:

UL since 1998
ISO-9002 since 1999
TUV since 2000
EK-Mark since 2001
CCEE since 2001
NEMCO since 2001
ISO-9001:2000 since 2002
PSE since 2002
CCC since 2003
E Mark since 2004
S-JQA Mark since 2005
Argentina S Mark since 2006
PSB since 2006
NOM since 2007
GOST-R since 2008
ISO-9001:2008 since 2010
ISO-14001:2004 since 2010
SASO since 2011

In addition, all Sunny products on offer at Amicus have the European CE conformity mark and selected products also meet the requirements:

EK Mark
Nemko, Demko, Semko
E Mark
S-JQA Mark
Argentina S Mark
PSB S Mark
NOM Mark

If you have any questions about Sunny switching power supplies, please contact us!


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