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Since 2015, we have been developing in-house manufacturing of cable extensions, DC cables, assembly and packaging services for small electronics and the production of linear and edge-backlighted LED systems. We are continuously expanding our offerings in this area.

Production of extension cords - what does it look like in our country?

One of our specialities is the manufacture of extension cords. Thanks to the modern machinery we provide comprehensive solutions in this area. We operate on the basis of advanced industrial technologies and place a high emphasis on quality control. The high standards we impose on ourselves also allow us to offer services such as lead-free soldering and electronics assembly. It is therefore worth taking an interest in our other areas of activity. We also encourage you to read about the manufacturers whose power supplies we distribute, such as ESPE.

Lead-free soldering and plastic overmoulding - high quality workmanship

Our services include:

  • Lead-free soldering. We have experienced staff and are able to carry out individual customer needs. To date, the lead-free soldering performed by our professionals, has not raised any issues, so it is one of our flagship services.
  • Plastic overmoulding of DC in low-pressure and high-pressure plastic technology. In low-pressure technology, we use Henkel's eco-friendly, non-flammable and biodegradable hot melt plastic. We overmould DC plugs for power supplies and power systems, make DC splitters, DC extenders, cables in special versions and realise individual customer designs. We use the best on the market leading suppliers. Our sources of supply are mostly based on Polish factories.
  • Crimping pins on DC connectors on the crimp machine, followed by assembly and quality control.
  • Installation of linear LED lighting. We are able to carry out low series and volume solutions of linear LED backlighting, designed mainly for the illumination of shop surfaces, kitchens, furniture, for advertisement, home, office, etc. As an official partner of Kluś Design, we offer a wide range of Al profiles and ready linear backlighting systems. Cooperation with a number of suppliers of LED strips, allow us to offer individual solutions for our customers in various price and quality levels.
  • Production of advertising panels made using the Lumaire brand edge-lighting technology. These are innovative single-sided and double-sided systems mounted in ultra-thin SLIM aluminium profiles.
  • Custom cutting of plexiglass sheets with CO2 laser and aluminium profiles. We have a CO2 laser cutting plotter with a working area of 2100×3100 mm allowing precise cutting of any shape, and we cut aluminium profiles on a professional saw ensuring perfect fit of the edges.
  • Assembly of small electronics and packaging of manufactured products. We have been expanding our machine park for many years. We have automatic and semi-automatic machines for cutting and stripping wires, machine strippers, automatic machines for winding and tying wires, bagging and printing machines for packing finished parts, a Roland printing and cutting plotter, a professional milling and drilling machine and many other instruments. Our machine park enables us to carry out non-standard orders in a short time.
  • Quality control of each manufactured component. Before leaving production, each part we make is individually tested. This allows us to offer quality products that are free from manufacturing defects.

We look forward to working with you! We are open to new ideas and are happy to take on specific needs.

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