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Mean Well is brand of power systems that presents high quality for many applications. The Mean Well brand, which originates from Taiwan, has been in operation since 1982 and distributes its products in many countries around the world. Their products are characterised by great diversity, which translates into numerous applications and a favourable price-quality ratio.

DIN rail power supplies

By including Mean Well in our offer, we also want to give Polish companies access to modern technological solutions. The DIN rail power supply unit, signed with the brand's logo, is worth special attention. This type of product is ideal for industrial automation and lighting systems. Available DIN rail power supplies include the HDR, MDR, DRA, EDR, ND, SDR, TDR, WDR series. Their power range is from 10 W to 960 W. For more information on these products, take a look at the catalogue, which is available on our website.

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Mean Well - discover the products!

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It has to be said that Mean Well is an exceptionally resilient manufacturer, currently boasting around 10,000 models designed to suit a variety of needs. In addition to DIN power supplies, modular power supplies, battery chargers or DC/DC and AC/DC converters make up a large part of the range. Reasonable prices, good availability and quality comparable to European standards are the main reasons why so many entities choose Mean Well solutions. The brand's products prove themselves in industrial applications, LED lighting systems, building automation and more. They can be found, among others, in offices, hotels, medical facilities and many other places using advanced power supply systems.

Need LED modular power supplies, DIN power supplies, and other Mean Well products? Feel free to contact us.

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