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Lumaire is a Lithuanian company that specialises in the production of LED panels. Thanks to the manufacturer's activity, modern and stylish interiors are created, enriched with a functional lighting system. Products signed with the logo of this brand can be found in our assortment.

LED edge lighting - why this type of lighting?

Both in the interiors of private households and in businesses of all kinds, lighting solutions are sought that are both aesthetically pleasing and practical. These requirements are met by a wide range of designs from Lumiere. The LED edge lighting in the manufacturer's range is characterised above all by its high-quality and customisable visual features. For this reason, many industries choose to introduce them into their space. Even more so, edge lighting from Lumiere will find its way into households, shop windows, restaurants and many other places.

We also recommend the Leddex brand.

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LED edge lighting - your space enriched

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It is worth remembering that LED edge lighting is much more environmentally friendly than other light sources. In addition, they are energy-efficient and have a long life. The Lumaire brand has further enhanced this solution by creating 3 tailored product categories to suit different needs.


The extremely thin Lumaire Basic LED panel is the ideal solution for designers and manufacturers to meet their lighting needs. With a thickness of 5 mm (8 mm with heatsink) and an adaptable shape, the panel allows any surface to be illuminated. Examples include POS displays, furniture, interior design and signage. Lumaire Basic is the perfect light source for narrow light boxes, stencil-cut light boxes or other types of signage, starting from a 20-30 mm depth.

Basic panels, can be bent to create a curved LCD effect achieving a convex or concave curvature. The Basic panel can also be used as a double-sided and ultra-thin light source for applications in shop windows, windows, etc. without overexposing the graphics, i.e. the image displayed on one side does not transfer to the other side of the panel. The Basic panel, can also be cut out and unusual shapes such as circles, rings, hexagons, stars, etc. can be created. We are only limited by the designer's imagination.





In the development of the Lumaire magnetic LED panel, was the most important objective. The magnetic system proves its worth when easy swapping of prints is required. The graphic, usually a backlight/backlit film, is encased in transparent acrylic, which adheres to the panel using magnetic tape. This makes it effortless to swap out graphics quickly and easily. Compared to competing solutions, the Magnetic panel is very thin with a thickness of 15 mm for single and double-sided solutions.


The Lumaire Textile solution is an illuminated textile frame only 23 mm thick. Like the rest of the Lumaire panel series, it comes in single-sided and double-sided versions, guaranteeing spectacular backlit graphic effects. The fabric can be changed in two ways: a quick change of graphics trimmed with a special rubber band or the use of “gripers” in the case of fixed graphics. Textile panels will find particular use in the clothing and cosmetics industry, shops, restaurants, showrooms, etc.




Contact us about LED edge lighting from Lumiere. We will be happy to give you support and tell you more about the products in our range.

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