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Leddex brand is definitely worth mentioning among European manufacturers of lighting solutions. This Lithuanian company has been on the market since 2010, when their first LED modules went to the production line. In the following years, they successfully managed to expand to 15 other countries, thanks to the innovative solutions and high standards maintained during the production of Leddex lamps. In our offer we present some of the most interesting proposals of this brand.

Leddex - discover unique products

Leddex lighting has won recognition from customers, thanks to its numerous advantages. The typical benefits associated with the use of LED modules, i.e. energy saving and long life, go hand in hand here with a passion for modern production techniques. The exceptional quality of Leddex lamps is mainly due to precise laser technology and unique material formulations. The brand also collaborates with a number of designers responsible for stylish design, and tests each module in the laboratory before sale. This results in a tried-and-tested and diverse product line, from which you can easily choose what will best fit a particular interior. For this reason, the Leddex brand can be found in private spaces as well as offices, industrial facilities and shopping centres.

Another manufacturer we also recommend is Kluś - the Polish lighting company.

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Leddex – brand advantages

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Why are Leddex lamps so popular among customers from many different countries? First and foremost because of the functionality, the multitude of applications and the extremely interesting visual qualities. In order to develop the best possible lighting solutions, the manufacturer reaches for LEDs on proven manufacturers. These include Samsung, Cree and Philips. Strict control of production processes and forward-looking design also make Leddex lighting so popular. In addition to this, cooperation with recognisable luxury brands such as Hugo Boss, Armani and Chanel is also a sign of quality.

Leddex products can be found in our range. Feel free to contact us!

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