LED power supplies

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LED power supplies with constant output voltage are designed to power LED strips (tapes), and panels. They are highly efficient small units with output power from 6 to 350 W and output voltages of 12 V and 24 V. They are characterised by high quality, are based on the best electronic components allowing continuous, long-term operation in all conditions. They are fully protected against short-circuits and overloads and have low ripples which does not cause flickering of LED light sources. They are connected to the installation with screw connectors. LED power supplies are available in standard (IP20) and hermetic (IP67) versions, in classical housings - rectangular, flat and elongated shape (slim) for locations with limited installation space.

YCL series

Power supplies in plastic hermetic housing. Degree of protection IP67.

Application: LED applications in rooms with high humidity. Outdoor lighting.

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YSLM series

Power supply in plastic housing. Degree of protection IP44

Application: LED applications in domestic premises. Furniture lighting.

YSLT series

Power supplies in a plastic oblong housing.

Application: LED edge lighting, LED fixtures, LED profiles.

YSLF series

Plastic ultra-slim enclosure.

Application: Use in areas with limited installation space.

YSL series

Plastic housing.

Application: Standard LED applications.

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