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Kluś is a brand with a long tradition of designing functional interior solutions. Its history dates back to 1975, when it still focused its activities on the production of furniture and domestic appliances. Polish LED lighting from this company became a real concept more than 30 years later, when the first profiles from Kluś saw the light of day. The experience gained in the early years largely shaped the approach to the new branch of business. Anyone looking for LED lighting manufacturers in Poland should take a look at what a company with many years of experience in the interior design sector can offer.

Match the lighting to the room with Kluś

LED modules from Kluś are a fresh look at modern lighting systems, enriched by the architectural flair of the designer. Thanks to this combination, a range of products has been created to suit various types of interiors and meet various needs. The unique features stand out against ordinary and bare LED strips. Kluś kits enable the composition of unique and functional lighting fixtures, which are used in many spaces. Manufactured components include, among others, aluminium or MDF profiles, caps, covers, fixtures and necessary accessories. The comprehensive lighting systems that are created thanks to the solutions offered by the manufacturer prove that Polish LEDs can be high quality sign.

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Kluś most interesting products

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Innovative and functional LED luminaries from Kluś can be seen in the show room. “House without Light Bulb” has also been the company's headquarters since 2009. Its project was to create a building using only LED lighting. Today, the building is a testament to the vision and achievements of lighting manufacturers in Poland. It is worth noting that it is not only in the country that Kluś enjoys the recognition of customers. The brand's products go to many European countries, as well as Asia or Australia. There is also no shortage of people interested in Polish LED lighting in the United States.

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