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Amicus Sp. z o.o. was established in 2004 and since its inception has specialised in the distribution and manufacture of high-quality switching power supplies and LED lighting systems. Our partners are leaders including brands such as Sunny, Mean Well, ESPE, Kluś, Lumiare, and Leddex. As part of our manufacturing activities, we also produce customised power supplies according to individual needs.

The main products in our range are switching power supplies, LED linear drivers and edge illuminated lighting systems, AC and DC cables for the such products.

What else is worth knowing? Check out how our measurement laboratory works.

Customised power supplies - we understand individual needs

In the field of power supply, we offer plug-in power supplies (adapters), desktop power supplies, automotive DC-DC converters, power supplies for LED lighting and DIN rail power supplies for industry. We also deal with medical power supplies and many other power supplies for electronic devices. Hundreds of customers, including leading companies and institutions, have already tested us for customised power supplies. We also have an extensive range of IEC-compliant, international standard AC mains cables for not only the European but also other international markets.

Amicus Sp. z o.o.

Our strengths are good availability of wide range products from our local warehouse, complementary product brands from different sources and power supply-related personalisation services. We sell power supplies online as B2C and to OEMs according to agreed technical specifications and mechanical specification, including unique features, manufactured to order.

LED lighting production and more - discover our services

Since years we have also been developing our LED lighting division. Our offer is focused on the distribution and production visual communication products and image advertising. We manufacture complete systems for advertisements, lighting for home furniture, shops. We also have set of off-the-shelf application-specific products. The production of LED lighting is a sector of our business that is still undergoing intensive development, so it is undoubtedly worth keeping an eye on the new products on offer from the Amicus brand.

Local warehouse

Working with us frees you from having to buy huge consignments. We will take care of the order processing, provide local stock and scheduled deliveries according to the agreed volumes and deadlines. Thanks to the flat prices list and the local warehouse we are able to handle low-volume orders with next-day delivery.

Why us?

Flexibility and close cooperation

Working closely with our suppliers' R&D departments, we also carry out OEM projects and customise offered power supplies and LED lighting solutions. We help customers to define requirements, prepare documentation and carry out full product qualification, i.e. samples, initial orders and volume batches.

Competitive prices

Thanks to our direct contacts with the manufacturers, we offer you best prices without the additional margins of long supply chain. This means competitive prices for feature-rich products with unquestionably good quality of which has been tried and tested successfully by many customers worldwide. With regular cooperation under a framework agreement, we guarantee fixed prices and scheduled delivery.

We care about the environment

Amicus makes special efforts to ensure that the products we offer comply with international and national standards. In addition, we strive to keep in pace and often stay ahead of legal regulations. Continuous product development and innovation, particularly in the field of environmental protection, is a key concern for our business. Reducing the use of environmentally harmful substances not only in our products, but also in our production process, allows us to look to the better future.

Quality policy

We place particular emphasis on ensuring the high quality of products. All power supplies are CE marked and meets LVD standards for safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), environmental requirements as RoHS/WEEE and many others (e.g. Ecodesign). We supply power supplies that meet the requirements of foreign standards, e.g. UKCA, US UL.

We have our in-house laboratory, which allows us to develop proprietary designs in cooperating factories. The laboratory is responsible for the quality assessment of power supplies, including the qualification and verification of new products, first batches of volume production and the product with custom specifications. We control our products because we want to be sure of their quality.

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